Welcome to our New Site!

This summer, a group of passionate, climate-conscious individuals from all over Europe (and beyond!) met up in Berlin to participate in the Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Training. A few of us were from Denmark, a fewer still decided to start this blog to spread awareness, lead discussions, and focus on Danish and Nordic-specific issues surrounding the threat of climate change.

We hope this site will be a jumping-off point for bigger and better things from Denmark’s Climate Leadership Corps–creating more connections, spreading the message, and driving engagement on this, the most important of topics.

The contributors to this site have a wide background to draw from, and we hope that this leads to an equally wide array of topics to discuss. More and more, climate change is affecting every aspect of our lives, from the clothes we buy, to the food we eat, to our very livelihoods.

To halt and reverse climate change is a massive challenge, but as long as there are passionate, knowledgable, energetic, and engaged folks to combat it, we have a chance to make some real progress. Let’s start a conversation on climate change, and Denmark’s place in it all!

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